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The revamped 2023 Lexus UX 300e pricing has been confirmed with an extended battery range, and upgrades to technology and safety.

Orders are being taken now for the UX 300e upgrade that is expected to arrive in Lexus dealerships from June this year in two variations, the Premium and the Limited.

With the all-electric UX 300e, Lexus takes its ‘Lexus Electrification’ vision to the next level. This is a Lexus that expresses the marque’s qualities of design, technology, takumi craftsmanship and omotenashi – luxurious hospitality, which is evident in the high-quality materials and passenger comfort.

Lexus New Zealand Vice President, Andrew Davis, says the upgrades to the UX 300e, which was launched in 2019, reflect the pace of change in Lexus vehicle development.

“The uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand continues to accelerate and luxury car buyers want a balance between an electric vehicle that fits their lifestyle and a vehicle that has the latest safety and in car connectivity,” he says.

“Built for a mostly urban driver in mind, the UX 300e provides an enjoyable and sustainable city driving experience. The range extension gives Lexus UX 300e motorists a little more freedom to travel further without needing to stop for recharging.”

Andrew says the UX 300e and the brand-new Lexus RZ are the first of many new, exciting electric vehicles to come over the next few years as Lexus has been selected by its parent company to lead BEV development.  

The Lexus UX 300e harnesses over 15 years of unrivalled Lexus expertise in electric motor, battery, and energy management development, producing a flagship UX that combines brave design with energetic performance and agile dynamics.

Clever engineering and design in the UX 300e have resulted in a virtually unaltered driving experience compared to the hybrid electric version – only the quiet and seamless acceleration of the sole electric motor identifies the UX 300e as a battery electric vehicle.

The all-electric UX 300e offers maximum power of 150kW and 300Nm of torque, incorporating a high-output motor and battery. The acceleration experience of the UX 300e is 0 to 100kms in 7.5 seconds. This is faster than the hybrid UX despite the slight extra weight from the battery. An update to the rear performance damper has also been fitted to enhance the driving performance.

Both the Premium and the Limited grades have a larger battery – up from 54.3kWh to 72.8kWh, which increases the driving range by more than 40% (using the WLTP standard) to around 450km from the previous 315km.

While the UX 300e is a completely electric powered car, it retains the UX options of driving settings, including eco, normal and sport modes. These modes enable the driver to select different powertrain and steering settings depending on the road conditions.

Building on the performance of the car with a major upgrade to the multimedia system, the new Lexus interface has been upgraded from a 10.3” display to a 12.3” touchscreen display. Customers can now also use the “Hey Lexus” dynamic voice recognition feature and wireless Apple CarPlay, the screen has been brought forward so that it is closer to the driver.

A third upgrade to the UX 300e in 2023 is to the safety package which is standard across the range. The Lexus Safety System+ now includes Intersection Turn Assist and Emergency Steering Assist. Curve Speed Reduction has also been bundled into the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system.

Lexus took full advantage of using the UX as the base for the 300e. As well as maintaining its driving experience and stability, removing the hybrid powertrain and fuel tank has given the 300e more usable space – increasing luggage capacity to 310L from the hybrid’s 268L.

Pricing of the 2023 Lexus UX 300e:

Lexus UX 300e Premium$79,900 including on road costs and eligible for a Clean Car Discount 
Lexus UX 300e Limited$89,900 including on road costs
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