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Militem FERŌX Adventure – the Italian Jeep

MILITEM has redefined iconic American models with craftsmanship, class and unmistakable ‘Made in Italy’ taste, improving the style and driving experience to create unique vehicles for the luxury-premium market segment.


As the name itself suggests, MILITEM FERŌX ADVENTURE is the new status symbol for driving and exploring new horizons, living emotions in a natural setting. It is the ideal model to enjoy your free time partnering your passion for open-air sport and outdoor holidays. This might be while tapping into the latest outdoor trend for glamping, or exploring the seas, lakes, mountains and typical roads of Tuscany. There are no limits in the MILITEM FERŌX ADVENTURE.


The MILITEM FERŌX is based on the 4-door Wrangler JL. It features a 2.0 litre 272 hp petrol engine or a 3.6 V6 e-Torque Mild Hybrid, producing 285 CV. Alternatively, a 2-door version is available with a 3.6 V6 and an e-Torque engine.

The e-Torque Mild Hybrid system, employs a 48 V generator and recuperates and stores energy during braking. This is then used to start the car when in start-stop mode and to provide more punch and torque when overtaking, reducing consumption and emissions.


All versions of the car are fitted with 4WD and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

In its ADVENTURE version, the FERŌX is at its most extreme, with an eye-catching look. The design, wearing a striking green livery at launch, brings to mind the great international motoring raids, archaeological expeditions and trekking in exotic locations. It doesn’t take much to let your mind wander at the speed of sound!

A glance is all that is needed to fall for this adventuring special vehicle, thanks to its muscular lines – designed at MILITEM’s style centre – and an exclusive cabin featuring high-end materials and a crafted to a finish that pays maximum attention to detail.

Peerless performances in any conditions and in complete safety, ensure an authentic driving experience and unique thrills.


MILITEM FERŌX ADVENTURE underlines FERŌX’s off-road personality, courtesy of the fenders and bumpers treated with special scratch-resistant paint, a snorkel that allows the car to ‘breathe’ better when fording and a dedicated ADVENTURE roof-rack with LED headlights for improved safety when driving off-road at night.

MILITEM FERŌX ADVENTURE is fitted with Cooper 35 x 12,50 R20 Mud Terrain tyres and, like every FERŌX model, has a raised set-up thanks to its MILITEM Lift kit 2,0” Extreme Performance Shocks, which employ gas-charged twin-set dampers.

MILITEM FERŌX ADVENTURE comes with a Performance MILITEM exhaust system and 20” MILITEM Black Edition rims. It also offers a wide range of equipment, such as two electronic differentials, which make it suitable for any type of terrain – even the most adventurous!

Further, on the MILITEM FERŌX ADVENTURE, denim fabric inserts have been added to the leather interior for the first time, in a one-off fashion touch for a one-of-a-kind vehicle. This option is available on the entire FERŌX range.


The MY21 MILITEM FERŌX ADVENTURE is also updated with features including an LED strip in the front bumper, new Dual Mode tailpipes, console commands to tweak the sound, a multicolour ambient lighting kit, new Neutral fumé front and rear lights and anti-puddle lights mounted under the doors. These features, like the retractable platform that comes as standard, are even available for the base version of the FERŌX.

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