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Meet the Avenger – the first all-electric Jeep

Jeep has revealed their all-new Avenger, the brand’s first-ever battery electric vehicle (BEV). Even with zero emissions it evidently still embodies the brand’s DNA.

The compact Jeep Avenger spearheads the introduction of a portfolio of capable, fully electric vehicles right sized for Europe, and is a key component in a global electrification strategy as the brand moves towards becoming the world leader in zero-emission SUVs.

Designed and built as a Jeep vehicle from day one, the Avenger packs the Jeep DNA into a compact SUV with a unique combination of capability, style, functionality, and technology to satisfy the needs of ever-connected customers.

“The new Jeep Avenger represents a key milestone for the brand as it is the first of a portfolio of all-new Jeep BEVs to be introduced in Europe.” said Christian Meunier, Jeep brand CEO.  “It offers Jeep brand capability that is rightsized for the European market and at the Paris Motor Show, we are showcasing why it is a great all-electric Jeep brand alternative to current players in the B-SUV segment.”

Produced in the highly efficient Stellantis plant in Tychy, Poland, the new Avenger is equipped with standard Selec-Terrain and Hill Descent Control which, together with its outstanding approach and departure angles and the vehicle’s ground clearance, bring impressive levels of capability into the segment.

In terms of electrification, the Jeep Avenger is equipped with a new generation 400 Volt electric propulsion system which combines a new electric motor and a new battery.

Using a 100 kW Mode 4 cable in direct current connected to fast public charge, three minutes of charge is enough to provide travel distance of 30 km. Also, 24 minutes are sufficient to charge the batteries from 20 to 80% charge.

“The Jeep Avenger is the first zero emission SUV for the Jeep brand” said Antonella Bruno, Head of Jeep Europe in Stellantis, “It will be the new entry point to the Jeep range and will allow us to complete our SUV coverage and we expect it to become the bestselling model in our portfolio by 2024. Avenger adds another level of electrification to our offering and represents a further step in the Jeep brand’s evolution”.

“Jeep Avenger is emotional, fun, cool and it stands out from the crowd” she added.

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