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Honda teases all-new Civic Type R ahead of world premiere


Honda has released a teaser image and video that provides the first glimpse of the all-new Civic Type R production car, ahead of its world premiere on Thursday July 21, 2022.

The teaser video is available to view here

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Honda Civic series, which went on sale on July 12, 1972, and has sold around 27 million units in over 170 countries worldwide since its launch. The Type R brand will celebrate its 30th anniversary in November of this year, starting from the NSX Type R launched in 1992.

Honda is grateful for the many customers and fans who supported the Civic nameplate and Type R brand to date and will continue taking on challenges to offer surprises to its customers.

The world premiere of the all-new Civic Type R will be available for viewing on the official Honda YouTube channel at the following URL, with streaming set to start at 12:00pm on July 21,  2022 (AEST).

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