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First Right-Hand-Drive MY25 GMC Yukon seen downunder

GMSV has released images of a right-hand drive Model Year 25 GMC Yukon on the road in Australia, only days after teaser images were released in the US.

“The GMC Yukon has been at Premoso for a few months as we start gearing up the remanufacturing process,” said Jess Bala, Managing Director, GM Australia & New Zealand.

“It’s exciting that another vehicle is joining the GMSV line-up – one that features a full complement of eight-seats and offers great towing capability.

“Vehicle development post-remanufacturing is progressing extremely well and we’re on track to deliver the new model to customers in first-half of 2025.”

As advised in November, GMSV will be offering the highly equipped GMC Yukon Denali at dealerships in Australia and New Zealand.

“Now that the camouflage has come off, we’ll be able to embark on more extensive on-road, local right-hand-drive development and testing,” said Ms. Bala.

“The team at Premoso are doing an excellent job and the right-hand-drive remanufacture process is well on track. We look forward to getting customers into this premium product brought to you by GMSV.”

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