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Ford New Zealand Opens Reservations for the All-New 2024 Ford Mustang

Ford once again sounds a wake-up call for sports car lovers around the country with the introduction of the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang. The seventh generation is the most exhilarating and visceral yet, from its digital cockpit to its V8 powerplant to its edgier yet timeless exterior design.

Reservations open today enabling customers to get in early and order from a three-model line-up that includes the all-new Mustang GT Fastback and the all-new Mustang Dark Horse with either a manual or automatic transmission. 

Edgier Design with Timeless Mustang Cues

The seventh generation adds modern chiselled looks to its heritage-inspired design, which sets out to appeal to the broadest Mustang customer mindset yet. Its low, horizontal brow across the front emphasises overall frontal width, while the upper grille design shape is influenced by the original 1960s design. The Tri-Bar LED headlamps continue the Mustang’s classic lighting signature. Its sleek roofline, broad sprinting stance and shortened rear overhang are also true to the authentic proportions of the first generation, while the widened rear haunches point to the power over the wheels in true Mustang style.  The roofline is optimised for driver entry and exit without removing their helmet on the track, and an extended rear houses a new crisp signature tri-bar lighting and redesigned diffuser for improved aerodynamic balance in the rear. 

A Completely Rethought Interior

Behind the chiselled exterior silhouette of the seventh-generation Mustang lies the most technologically advanced, driver-centric cockpit of any Mustang to date. The all-new cockpit offers the driver two flowing and curved displays that can be quickly customised to show information the driver wants or needs to see.

The car’s 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster can be customised to display different animated designs and new drive-mode dependent visuals. Based on the same Unreal Engine 3D creation tool used in modern video games, when choosing personalised drive mode settings, the car’s current setup is displayed on the centre stack as real-time graphical renderings. Settings can be adjusted by simply swiping the graphic to rotate the car virtually in a true gamified style.

“We’re taking advantage of every pixel,” said Craig Sandvig, Ford Mustang interaction design manager. “We can be creative in showing necessary driving information and give the driver control of selecting vibrant colour schemes new to Mustang, classic Mustang gauges or even a ‘calm’ screen where only minimal details are displayed.”

This digital instrument cluster on both the GT and Dark Horse flows seamlessly into a 13.2-inch SYNC 4 centre stack behind the same piece of integrated glass, angled towards the driver. Together, these screens create a fully immersive digital experience that emulates a fighter jet cockpit – but in a real-world sports car. 

Both the GT and Dark Horse also come with the latest B&O Sound System, providing crisp audio through 12 speakers and a subwoofer. 

Most Advanced and Athletic V8 Engine Yet

The way Mustang looks, drives and sounds is key to the experience that makes customers want to get in the driver’s seat and hit the road. The all-new Mustang delivers an even more exciting drive experience with new and advanced engine technologies.

At the core of making the all-new Mustang the most exhilarating and visceral Mustang yet is a new fourth-generation Coyote V8 engine. The available active-valve performance exhaust system enables the Mustang GT Fastback to deliver 362kW @7250 RPM, and 567Nm@4900 rpm. Beyond the boost in power, the system’s free-flowing design delivers a custom-V8 sound with the ability to close the valves to restrict the amount of noise made by the car.

The fourth-generation Coyote V8 also features a class-first, dual intake and dual throttle body induction system that’s matched with structural improvements and upgraded oil pan. This helps minimise induction loss by enabling higher air flow rates. 

Dark Horse

With sinister looks and a specially modified 5.0-litre V8, it’s the most powerful 5.0-litre V8 yet, projecting 373kW@7250 rpm and 567Nm@4900 rpm.

A special team of Ford engineers, designers and experts worked for more than three years to create Mustang Dark Horse, a street and track-capable performance Mustang with striking visual cues and all the capability sports car lovers expect. Mustang Dark Horse is the first new performance name for the brand since Mustang Bullitt was introduced in 2001.

The heart of Mustang Dark Horse is its unique 5.0-litre Coyote V8 engine, specially modified with piston connecting rods first introduced in the 760-horsepower Ford Performance Mustang Shelby GT500. Mustang Dark Horse will deliver the highest level of performance in the all-new Mustang family.

Visually differentiated from any 5.0- litre V8 before it, Mustang Dark Horse includes a dual throttle-body intake design to improve engine breathing, accentuated by the open nostrils in the front grille.

Mustang Dark Horse may be ordered in New Zealand with the unique six-speed TREMEC manual transmission. The manual also includes a special Mustang Dark Horse transmission oil cooler. Drivers also have the option to choose Ford’s advanced 10-speed automatic transmission with sport paddle shifters for fast and precise shifting – from the motorway to the race circuit.

The Mustang Dark Horse provides unique chassis tuning, larger rear sway bars and heavy-duty front shocks. Stopping is courtesy of 19-inch Brembo front 6 piston brakes. Steering response and grip is further enhanced with a K-brace for even better handling and feedback from Mustang Dark Horse. Mustang Dark Horse puts the torque down without losing traction through a Torsen® rear differential and staggered wheels (19-inch-by-9.5-inch front and 19-inch-by-10-inch rear wheels).

Mustang Dark Horse offers standard MagneRide shocks capable of monitoring wheel and tyre movement 1,000 times per second, optimising performance based on driving surface or driving mode.

2024 Ford Mustang New Zealand Line-Up

ModelPowertrainRecommended Retail Price*
Mustang GT Fastback, Auto5.0L V8, 10 speed automatic transmission, 362kW @7250 RPM, 567Nm@4900 rpm$92,990
Mustang Darkhorse, Auto5.0L V8, 10 speed automatic transmission, 373kW @7250 RPM, 567Nm@ 4900 rpm$114,990
Mustang Darkhorse, Manual5.0L V8, Tremec 6-speed manual transmission, 373kW @7250 RPM, 567Nm@ 4900 rpm$116,990
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