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First Electric Abarth, the 500e, in NZ for Christmas

Abarth ushers in a completely new era by introducing the Abarth 500e, the first full-electric model in the brand’s history. Abarth New Zealand is proud to confirm the Abarth 500e will arrive in New Zealand this December with the limited edition Scorpionissima priced from $76,990 and the Abarth 500e priced from $74,990 plus on road costs.

Abarth 500e NZ

Combining performance, electrification, style and a new powerful sound, the new Scorpion turns advanced technology into adrenaline, and sustainability into performance.

Electric is the perfect technology to enhance the driving experience by bringing better acceleration,
greater balance, better handling, more stability, and better road holding. Not only is this about looking
for greener solutions but also pure, hardcore fun.

Abarth 500e NZ

Abarth 500e Limited Edition “Scorpionissima” offers two distinct all new exterior colours to the Abarth
line-up: Acid Green & Poison Blue. Both colours feature eye catching ‘Abarth’ decals applied to the
side profile of the vehicle (Acid Green paired with black “Abarth” decals, and Poison Blue paired with
white “Abarth” decals).

Abarth 500e NZ

The striking exterior is enriched with dedicated 18” diamond-cut titanium grey alloy wheels which
bring the driver closer to the road with their holding performance and aggressive and sharp design.
Inside, sportiness and style find their fullest expression with its premium Alcantara interior, a racing
steering wheel providing a dark sporty look and fine touch feeling. The unique sport seats with
integrated headrest bring the Acid-Green Scorpion – lasered on the Alcantara – inside the cabin and the Acid Green & Poison Blue double stitching provide visual continuity from the seats to the door

The Abarth 500e is also available in standard trim offering the same great performance, unique style
and the original Abarth sound. Customers can choose from three colours: Antidote White, Venom
Black, and Adrenaline Red.

Abarth 500e NZ

Equipped with a 42-kWh battery coupled with a powerful e-motor, the Abarth 500e combines the
performance of the Scorpion with the innovation of electric mobility. The electric architecture has an
improved weight distribution, better torque, and a wider wheelbase, creating an Abarth that is more
responsive, faster, and arguably more enjoyable than its petrol-powered equivalent.

Abarth 500e NZ

With a battery range up to 253km, and supporting fast charging of up to 85kW in direct current (DC),
the Abarth 500e ensures plenty of driving excitement. It takes less than 5 minutes to build up sufficient
energy reserve for daily mileage requirements (around 40 km) and the fast charge reaches 80% of the
range in only 35 minutes.

Abarth 500e NZ

Abarth’s signature and unmistakable “roar” can be heard thanks to the Abarth Sound Generator that
accompanies every trip in the 500e. This standard feature on the model highlights the vehicle’s
performance, reproducing the sound of an Abarth petrol engine inspired by the famous Record Monza

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