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So you want to be a SIM racer?

Last night we (thanks to Undertow Media) attended the New Zealand launch of the new Logitech G923 wheel. It was an intimate affair that gave us the chance to take it for a spin and possibly more importantly, gave us the chance to speak with NZ Champion SIM Racer Simon Bishop and get some top tips on what makes him so good.

Logitech G923 NZ

First and foremost – Practice – it obviously makes perfect. Simon spends at least an hour a day on the virtual track and the result is plain to see. 

Secondly – Understanding how a car works is a massive advantage. Simon says, watch car racing and listen to what the commentators say then apply it to SIM racing. Essentially treat it as if you’re racing real cars

“You can play this game casually if you like but if you view it as more than a game and treat it like that, you get so much more out of it.”

Logitech G923 NZ

Thirdly – Brake earlier than you think. Self-explanatory really, but still hard to master

Fourthly – Find what car you like – Simon says “the world is your oyster in terms of vehicle choice, so find the one you’re most comfortable with.”

And finally, choose the right gear – the Logitech G923 obviously. Simon says, “You don’t need to spend $26,000 on a SIM to get enjoyment out of it. The G923 is a perfect style wheel for all-comers. Anything below this I don’t think you’ll get the same kind of experience and anything above this, you’re spending quite a lot of money. This hits the sweet spot.

Also the longevity out of it, these are built well and last well. It’s transferable, you can play whatever game you want on this including on PC.” 

Logitech G923 NZ

So what’s the future of SIM racing? 

Simon sees it as a career in the future. SIM championships are popping up all over the world and drivers travel across the globe to compete. Trophies are won and sponsorships are being undertaken. And right now, it’s still in its infancy. 

He believes that the skills are transferable into real racing too, with professional racing teams looking for young talent that spawns from on-line SIM racing.

Time to dust off my X-box, grab a Logitech G923 and head for pole position I feel.

Dave McLeodhttps://aws.tarmaclife.co.nz
New Zealand motoring editor/journalist and published author. Besotted with cars and the experiences they give. I'm a family guy with a bark that's bigger than my bite and prefer football over rugby any day of any week.

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