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Renovated Mazda Museum in Hiroshima to reopen in May


Mazda Motor Corporation’s Museum, located in its Hiroshima headquarters, has undergone a full renovation. The museum showcases historic vehicles and exhibits of the company’s history since its foundation more than a century ago.

Here’s how it was when we went there:

Due to open to the public on the 23rd of May this year, the museum’s spatial design and displays have seen a complete makeover with the aim of providing customers and people in the community with a space in which they can grow closer to Mazda, as well as to strengthen the Museum’s role as a base for communication of the Mazda brand. Additionally, an online Mazda Museum* was launched today on the brand’s official website to allow many more visitors to browse through the museum’s displays.

With a monotone color scheme coupled with warm lighting and wood surfaces, the new Mazda Museum’s interior and exterior were all designed in accordance with the latest Mazda brand design concept, providing an elegant yet cozy space for visitors. The museum has 10 different exhibit zones with decor and lighting that match each zone’s theme. The entire museum has been designed to provide visitors with a narrative experience of Mazda’s vision for the next century and the thoughts that have gone into all the vehicles that Mazda has introduced to the world over the past 100 years.

Furthermore, the entrance hall offers an area for visitors to relax and grow closer to the brand while enjoying the sight of the latest Mazda models on display. The company will continue to offer the popular factory tours, during which visitors can observe real vehicle assembly lines in operation.

Mazda will be opening an online museum that provides guided virtual tours with detailed explanations for each zone and immersive drone footage from inside the exhibition. Mazda Kids Channel* will also provide easy-to-understand explanations for kids about the automotive industry and Mazda’s car making. For the time being both the online Mazda Museum and the Kids Channel will only be available in Japanese and English versions will be launched at a later time.

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