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Let’s face it, picking the best soundtrack for any sizable journey is a bit of a mission. Tapes (showing my age) and CD’s have essentially become a thing of the past and for those of you that have downloaded a list of tunes to your phone, it won’t be long before you ruin your faves by overuse. Sure there is the likes of Spotify for support or should things become really desperate, the radio. But what if the radio was your first choice?


I can hear the immediate telltale signs of disbelief, the RADIO, isn’t that almost as archaic as an 8-track? A large range of frequencies with multitudes of stations designed with YOU in mind – really?. From the talkback/talknag ones, to hip hop, rock and pop and mostly hosted by DJ’s that love the sound of their own voices. How can this possibly be a soundtrack option for a road trip. Introducing XS80s.

I guess I should have prefaced this opinion piece by ‘do you love 80s music’ but I feel that this would be a moot point as who doesn’t love 80s music!!! But most commercial radio stations that claim to play tunes of this ‘best decade of music ever’ tend to stick to just the top hits – not XS80s.

XS80s drills down to more of the lesser known tracks and a raft of one hit wonders. The tunes that you’ve forgotten or maybe haven’t heard for several decades. Not only that, deep delving album tracks and full albums are also being played on this outstanding radio station.

To top it all off, no DJ, news or adverts. Yep you heard that correctly. No DJ or gaggle of giggling gangs to ‘lighten up your day’, news to bring you down or annoying ditty’s designed to sell you products, just a plethora of top tunes that transport you to a time when just the threat of nuclear war was all we had to worry about.

XS80s radio station NZ

So where do you find this audio wonderland I hear you ask? Well in very select areas – CHRISTCHURCH (Southern suburbs) on 107.3FM, ALBANY/ROSEDALE (Auckland) on 107.7FM | DUNEDIN on 107.5FM, ALEXANDRA on 106.7FM | TAKAKA on 95.8FM, WANAKA on 103.4FM | and AKAROA on 95.9FM.

However, for those that don’t live in the above areas, XS80s has a website that streams its music to the world – or your phone and therefore car – You can even request your own tunes which are played within a few songs – it’s genius.

Seriously XS80s is your perfect driving partner – stream it now and turn it up to 11

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