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Jaguar shows PACE at the Tennis – I-PACE that is.

Jaguar NZ

Having netted the sponsorship rights to this year’s ASB Classic Tennis in Auckland, Automotive brand Jaguar lept into action, making their mark on this prestigious event.

Jaguar NZ

Aside from the usual branding and supportive sponsorship marketing, Jaguar certainly strove to make a difference to New Zealand’s premium summer fixture. On centre court, spectators get to see their tennis star’s serving speed displayed on a large ‘Art of Performance’ radar screen. A Jaguar ACE PACE app has been developed to test your own serving speeds with the winner in to win a trip to Wimbledon. A VIP lounge for hosting some of their special guests and a joint venture with East Imperial to have guests sipping refreshing cocktails and mocktails. Stars are chauffeur driven to the game inside a Jaguar SUV and pride of place in Tennis Lane will be the F-PACE SVR.

Jaguar NZ

To top it all off, tennis goers will be of the first in New Zealand to get up close and personal with the highly anticipated I-PACE, Jaguar’s EV vehicle.

In Baseball terms, Jaguar has really hit it out of the park but since we’re at the ASB Classic Tennis, let’s just say ‘it’s going to be ACE.’

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