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With New Zealand back at level 2 lockdown and Auckland at level 3, car adventures have been scaled back for the moment so I thought I’d turn my hand to one of my other passions – eating. Introducing my Hello Fresh review. 

If I’m honest, I fancy myself as a bit of a Chef, although I’m more (Sir) Alf Ramsey the football legend than Gordon Ramsay the Chef when it comes to cooking. Anyway, with time to kill and mouths to feed my wife managed to score a $10 deal at Hello Fresh. Many of our friends have raved about the experience and I must say I was keen to try it out, so when the big box was delivered I opened it with vigour.  

Hello Fresh review NZ

First impressions were excellent. It’s packed well and contains a lot of ingredients. The recipe cards are well laid out, colour coded and even suggested what to eat first – chicken dishes before red meat. It also came with a ‘how-to’ booklet to get me started.

Parmesan Crumbed Chicken, Sri Lankan Chicken Curry and Beef Koftas & Tabbouleh Couscous were going to be the next three day’s meals in case you wanted to know.

As a small family, our eating habits are terrible. Considering there are only three of us, our palate’s differ considerably, mine being more spicy and adventurous, the wife’s being blander and Brazilan (rice and black beans) and our 10-year old son being, well a what 10-year old kids like. So, this ‘new’ menu was always going to be a challenge, still, nothing ventured and all that.

Hello Fresh review NZ

Parmesan Chicken was the first to be sampled. As I said before, the recipes and instructions are excellent. Cutting, chopping, preparation and cooking was in fact quite easy. Hello Fresh tells you when to put the oven on and when to add what to where, beginning with the Kumara fries. Dishes were dirtied ( far more than I’d use for Spag Bol) and flavours were brandished about like swearwords at a football game. And the result wasn’t half bad. The fries were a little overdone and the chicken could have been a little more crumbed (more my error than the instructions) but on the whole two of the three of us really enjoyed the meal (no broccoli was consumed by the wife), however, my 10-year old opted for chicken nuggets. 

Hello Fresh review NZ

The next night we headed to Sri Lanka for a curry and when I say ‘we’ I mean I. “Too spicy” came the response from the other family members without even tasting it and so this one VERY TASTY dish turned into next day’s leftovers as well – is it wrong to have a creamy curry for breakfast?

Hello Fresh review NZ

Day three and beef was on the menu, something I thought we’d ALL eat as how far from meatballs could it be? What’s more, my son wanted in on the cooking action too – a pleasant surprise. He prepared the spices and moulded the Koftas while I made the Couscous a dish that I felt sure would go untouched. Again the result was delicious and not too far away from the recipe picture, maybe a little more shape to the Koftas would have been preferred. Four of the six Kofta’s made were consumed by moi, while the wife ate two and double helpings of the Couscous – son ate rice and black beans.

The three day’s of Hello Fresh meals was a welcomed respite from the normal drudgery of our family meal making. It was great to ‘create’ new meals and try new dishes plus fun to expand on my chef skills. I can now see what all the fuss is about.

Hello Fresh review NZ

But, unfortunately, Hello Fresh is not for us. Full price I think that the 3-day meal kit would be around $85 which, when you see the contents is probably a fair price, however, my family is stuck in an uninspiring meal cycle that (certainly in the near future) looks to remain unbroken – Sigh.

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