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The Škoda student concept car has been the highlight of the apprentices’ training at the Škoda Vocational School since the 2013/14 academic year. With the support of their tutors and experts from all departments, they design and build their very own dream car. 29 apprentices have now completed the ninth student concept car, the Škoda Roadiaq; a multifunctional mobile-office camper that captures the spirit of adventure. Designed to operate seamlessly as a car in motion, then transitioning to a useable office or living space when parked, the Roadiaq is a sustainable, battery-electric all-wheel-drive vehicle that digital nomads can use for travel, work and leisure.

Skoda Roadiaq

Škoda’s ninth student car contains everything a modern mobile office needs: a permanent high speed internet connection, a 27‑inch monitor and a docking station, innovative storage solutions, lots of electric plug sockets, and (importantly) an espresso machine. Yet, in just a few easy steps the Roadiaq transforms from a workspace into a living area complete with a bed and a small kitchen.

Skoda Roadiaq

To transform the Enyaq into a camper van, the apprentices significantly adapted its body. In addition to a new roof structure, they developed a new tailgate that allows a tent to be attached. The Roadiaq is fitted with 21-inch Supernova alloy wheels from the Enyaq range and has a two-tone Emerald Green and Moon White paint finish. Inside, the textiles used for the seat covers, door trims and instrument panel are made from 100% recycled materials. The furniture for camping, sleeping and remote work in the rear of the vehicle was custom-made after expert consultation, with design input from the students.

The Škoda Roadiaq comes with all-wheel drive and is based on an Enyaq 80x Sportline. A synchronous electric motor is mounted on the rear axle, delivering an output of 150 kW and a maximum torque of 310 Nm. The asynchronous electric motor on the front axle delivers another 80 kW and a maximum torque of 162 Nm to the front wheels. The lithium-ion high-voltage battery has an energy capacity of 82 kWh (77 kWh net) and enables a range of up to 495 kilometres on the WLTP cycle.

Skoda Roadiaq

The apprentices have equipped the Škoda Roadiaq with some innovative technology highlights. Working closely with Škoda’s IT department, they ensured it has everything it needs to function as a mobile office for today’s digital nomads. In addition to the permanent internet connection, this includes a built-in 27-inch monitor with integrated docking station and camera as well as a wireless keyboard, mouse and speaker in the vehicle’s living and office area. To this end, the apprentices also adapted the entire electrical system and created additional light sources and sockets.

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