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Lex-tended and Lex-urious UX – 2024 Lexus UX 300e Limited review

The UX 300e, Lexus’ first all-electric model has been given a refresh, including more range and more safety, but as expected, it retains all its Lexus luxury and refinement. We took it for a spin to check out the improvements.

2024 Lexus UX300e review NZ

It was way back in January 2022 when we last got behind the wheel of prestigious Japanese car brand Lexus’ first all-electric crossover, and it’s fair to say that we were more than impressed with its quality, craftsmanship and punchy powertrain. However, its more conservative 54.3kWh battery meant that time behind the wheel was rather limited – I think I managed around 267km on a full charge with the AC on.

2024 Lexus UX300e review NZ

Anyway, evidently taking on board customer’s comments, the engineers at Lexus have upped the battery size to a new, very tidy 72.8kWh, which equates to 40% more driving time or up to 450km (WLTP) for those that watch their mileage. 

2024 Lexus UX300e review NZ

The all-electric UX 300e offers maximum power of 150kW and 300Nm of torque, incorporating a high-output motor and battery. The acceleration experience of the UX 300e is 0 to 100kms in 7.5 seconds. This is faster than the hybrid UX despite the slight extra weight from the battery. 

2024 Lexus UX300e review NZ

But they didn’t stop there. Adding to the mechanicals, the team updated the rear damper to increase the EV’s performance, increased the infotainment system from a 10.3-inch display to 12.3-inches, (and brought it closer to the driver), added ‘Hey Lexus’ voice recognition for those that like to talk to their cars, plus it’s now got wireless Apple CarPlay, which should delight those Apple peeps.

2024 Lexus UX300e review NZ

But wait there’s more. With safety being another ‘luxury’, Lexus has upgraded the UX 300e’s Safety System+, so it now includes Intersection Turn Assist and Emergency Steering Assist, with Curve Speed Reduction being slipped (bad use of words) into the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system!

With more range to play with and an impressive (and as previously stated ‘punchy’) 150kW/300Nm under foot, my family and I got plenty of time to enjoy the UX300e’s upmarketness. Despite its bigger battery, 0 to 100kph is expected to be achieved in a not too shabby 7.5 seconds and with its instant torque it feels quick too. Cornering feels more planted (not that there was anything wrong with it before) and yet the quietness of the cabin remains – there are just a few more squeals of delight from the driver apparently.

2024 Lexus UX300e review NZ
2024 Lexus UX300e review NZ

My ‘older’ eyes certainly appreciated the bigger screen, and I felt important telling the Lexus to ‘tune to Magic FM’, I finally got to boss something around!

2024 Lexus UX300e review NZ

The drive has improved and the addition of curve speed reduction meant that the family weren’t thrown around during our greater Auckland trips, but  for me, the biggest improvement was the range (and subsequent reduction in anxiety). Even with nigh on a week’s running around, I still had 182km or range (half a tank) left when I dropped it back – big improvement.

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