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Legrand Launches Green’Up Premium EV Chargers Into NZ

A force to be reckoned with whilst paving a smarter roadmap for modern homes and workplaces,
Legrand has released its range of Green’up Premium EV Chargers into the New Zealand market,
offering consumers more variety as the region heads toward a sustainable future.

Consisting of Premium Plastic and Premium Metal options, the Green’up Premium Chargers provide
safe and efficient car charging solutions for compatible type 2 electric cars in both residential and
commercial applications, helping to bridge that gap in areas such as corporate offices, shopping
centres, hotels, universities, and undercover carports.

Stacked full of features, the Premium Chargers are water-resistant and shockproof to ensure
longevity, are compatible with Android and IOS devices through integrated Bluetooth functionality,
and allow complete safety in Mode 3 with DC protection.

Analysts in New Zealand have taken into consideration that transport makes up 21 percent of the
country’s carbon footprint, acknowledging the huge drive ahead to combat what is truly an alarming
statistic. Though no longer considered a niche vehicle after pushing past the 5% barrier in the region,
the adoption rates will need to continue rising through the support of incentives and policies devised
by the government, including a complete phase-out of the importation of fossil-fueled cars by 2035
which has been heavily recommended by the New Zealand Climate Change Commission.

The launch and availability of premium EV charging solutions in the market for numerous applications
help to bring those goals to fruition, ensuring practicality no matter the length of the drive.

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