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German automakers confident to meet EU's goal to ban I.C.E

by Harry Perachi

Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz doubled down on their previous claims about considering the European Union’s CO2 emissions plan to be achievable.

The plan seeks to tackle CO2 emissions by 2035 and practically outlaws sales of internal combustion engines in passenger cars in the EU after that date.

Despite heavy lobbying from both sides, the Parliament continues to back the directives, which now have the support of other major automotive conglomerates such as Stellantis and Ford.

VW says the regulation is an “ambitious but achievable goal” and believes we are treading an “irreversible” path towards electrification. “It is the only ecologically, technologically and economically sensible way to replace combustion engines as quickly as possible,” the Wolfsburg company said.

Another German powerhouse, Mercedes-Benz is also confident and welcomes the directives. “By 2030, we are ready to go fully electric wherever market conditions allow”, says the group’s head of external relations, Eckart von Klaeden. “The decision puts the onus on policymakers to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place,” he continues.

Neue Mercedes-Benz Wallbox für vernetztes und effizientes Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen New Mercedes-Benz Wallbox charges electric vehicles connected and intelligently

The plan is part of a set of guidelines proposed by the government to reduce overall CO2 emissions and is called Fit for 55. It also covers other industries and initiatives and has been received with support as well as scepticism, with lobby groups asking for milestone renegotiations.

The law is still in a proposal state and before being approved, it still needs to be agreed to and signed by all countries in the European Union.

Source: Automotive News. Images: Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz News Rooms

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