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Eagerly anticipated, all electric brand – BYD Auto – charges into New Zealand in Q3 this year. Introducing both its launch model and comprehensive national dealer network in the coming weeks.

BYD Auto is the automotive subsidiary of BYD Co Ltd, a multinational, high-tech company recognised
as the largest producer of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in the world, with a product portfolio incorporating electric and plug-in hybrid cars, buses, trucks, sky-rail, forklifts and cutting-edge rechargeable battery production.

Soon to be represented in New Zealand by Ateco Automotive NZ, a 100% Kiwi-owned automotive distributor with a proven track record of establishing successful and enduring brands in New Zealand.
Ateco Automotive adds to its existing brand portfolio by establishing and appointing a national BYD Auto dealer network in New Zealand’s major cities.


“A once in a generation brand,” says Warren Willmot, Brand Manager for BYD New Zealand, “BYD is
the brand that will introduce electric vehicles to replace ICE-powered vehicles when it comes to
convenience, sustainability and cost.”


“BYD Auto is thrilled to partner with Ateco Automotive New Zealand” says Wing You, General Manager of BYD Australia and New Zealand. “This is, after all, a well-respected and proven New Zealand automotive distributor with exceptional people in place to ensure the brand’s growth in Oceania.”

The first of the competitively priced vehicles BYD Auto New Zealand will introduce is the all-electric
ATTO 3, open for presales next month.

The mid-sized crossover SUV ATTO 3 will include two versions, with cruising ranges of 320kms and 420kms respectively, according to WLTP condition. In 2023, two new BEV models will join the line-up with a further two models – a mix of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electrics – to launch in 2024. In total, five different models will hit the local market from 2022 to 2025, ensuring a comprehensive offering in each segment.

Core to the BYD electric range of vehicles is the Blade Battery. A significant point of innovative difference that has put BYD on the map. The pioneering design allows for increased energy, storage capacity and greater range, as its construction accommodates a more significant number of cells than a conventional Lithium-Iron phosphate battery.


The Blade Battery has been subjected to rigorous industry-standard testing and beyond, including the infamous ‘nail penetration test’, designed to simulate an internal short circuit that causes fire. Throughout testing, the Blade Battery retained a low surface temperature, emitting no smoke or flames.

“Specific vehicle and dealer information will be released shortly” states Willmot, “however, we can confirm the ATTO 3 will be eligible for the current full EV Clean Car Rebate of $8,625.”

“There has already been significant enquiry regarding BYD vehicles in New Zealand and prospective buyers are invited to register their interest online at”

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