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Andersen launches first electric vehicle charger with in-built camouflage technology


Andersen has launched the first home electric vehicle (EV) charger that will match the wall box to the exterior design of its user’s house.

On sale today for £9,999, the Andersen-2-Invisible (A-2-I) comes with in-built camouflage technology in the box’s panels, bestowing it with chameleon-like qualities.

With the luxury EV wall box manufacturer already offering 96 different colour options across its current range, its latest offering takes the concept of stylish yet discreet charge points to the next level.

For consumers it’s simple, all they need to do is take a picture of the wall they want to affix the charge point to prior to installation. Then once the wall box is installed by an accredited Andersen engineer, they upload the picture to Andersen’s Konnect+ app and activate camouflage mode.

The camouflage technology, which are high-definition 4k mini screens built into the front and side panels of the A-2-1, then mimics the pattern of the wall behind it.

The beauty of the A-2-1 wall box is that when camouflage mode is turned off, customers can enjoy the original, high-end design of the Andersen wall box.

Customers will be pleased to know the box has been covered in a waterproof film to ensure it can cope with the Great British weather.

The charger, which has been in development for the last two years, is expected to be in high demand as interest in EVs continues to surge, with over 350,000 homes set to be fitted with chargers by 2025.

Cameron O’Flage, head of the technology, said: “Our brand mission has always been to produce elegant charge points which customers can personalise to match the design of their house. With the introduction of the A-2-I to our product range, we’ve taken that ambition to the extreme.

“We are proud our chargers are already compatible with every EV on the market, now they’re compatible with every house on the market.”

EV drivers can purchase A-2-I from the Andersen website from today.

About Andersen EV
Andersen is a British manufacturer and installer of high-end vehicle charge points, focused on creating a range of home wall box chargers for the luxury market. The scale-up was launched in 2015 by entrepreneurs David Simpson, Mandy Simpson and Jérôme Faissat who were unsatisfied by the existing wall boxes on offer for electric vehicle owners.

The Andersen A2 is a stylish EV charging point that combines unrivalled aesthetics and pioneering technology. The A2 hides the integrated cable and enhances the charging experience for electric vehicle enthusiasts, with increased levels of 3-Phase, 22kW power and SMART controlled connectivity. Every charging point comes with the Kønnect app which allows users to track energy usage, lock and unlock the charge point remotely and schedule charging.

The ergonomic unit is compact in size and is available in sustainable eco timber or stainless steel and in a range of colours. Each product is made to order and delivers smart technology with elite craftsmanship.

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