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Pole to Pole in the Nissan Ariya EV

Nissan Ariya

Chris and Julie Ramsey, husband and wife adventurers, have completed their all-electric journey to the South Pole in Antarctica. Their 10-month, 30,000 km adventure that started on the frozen Arctic Sea at the 1823 Magnetic North Pole, has seen them drive the varied terrains and conditions of North, Central and South America before carefully traversing […]

Tarmac Life ‘Car of the Year 2023’

Tarmac Life Car of the Year 2023

The tension around the office is palpable as we near the announcement of this year’s Tarmac Life ‘Car of the Year 2023’. There are 5 category winners, ‘Small Lifestyle Vehicle’, ‘Medium Lifestyle Vehicle’, ‘Large Lifestyle Vehicle’, ‘Most Sustainable Vehicle’ and ‘Most Thrilling Vehicle’ – with the winners of each category going on to vie for […]

NZ Pricing for all new, Euro-styled Toyota C-HR hybrid revealed

Toyota New Zealand has announced pricing for the eagerly anticipated all-new Toyota C-HR, a stunning new addition to the range of electrified passenger vehicles available in New Zealand from the market leader. Designed and built in Europe, the new C-HR brings a higher level of avant-garde design and refinement to the model, which has been […]

Lexus Electric Avenue – Lexus RZ450e Core Review

Arriving at a party first can be awkward at times. The social festivities don’t often quite get into full swing until a good chunk of the invited guests put in an appearance. Therefore, sometimes it is best to be “fashionably late” as you can assess how the other guests are and then you can swoop […]

Stick to the ‘kin road – Tarmac Tantrum

Tarmac Tantrum

With the roads being heavily, and mean heavily congested at this time of the year, the thing that annoys me the most is that a white-bearded man in a red suit can frivolously ignore our nation’s (or any nation for that matter) road rules. Not only does this person exceed the speed limit (obviously going […]