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Xtremely Great Colorado Experience

Holden Colorado Z71 Xtreme New Zealand

A chance to xplore Holden’s Z71 Xtreme Colorado ute. Being squeezed tightly into a single prop bean can to be flown to an Island in the Hauraki Gulf by a, let’s say ‘fresh-faced’ pilot in brisk and swirling winds is not the normal way to begin a road test, but Holden New Zealand is becoming […]

Limited Focus – Ford Focus RS Limited Edition Review

Ford Focus RS Limited Edition New Zealand

Ford Focus RS Limited Edition Review New Zealand Ford NZ – I read (or maybe I just scanned) a report somewhere that our attention spans are getting shorter and, hey look a cow. Apparently (according to a study conducted by Microsoft Corp), it’s estimated that people now generally lose their concentration after 8-seconds, making us […]

Safety in numbers – 2019 Toyota Corolla review

2018 Toyota Corolla hatch, ZR petrol, Peacock Black, front three quarter shot, church

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatch review New Zealand There is a theory that by being part of a large group or mass makes one less likely to fall foul of a mishap or accident and this hypothesis has been extended to road traffic too. According to a 1949 report, per capita serious injuries were lower in […]

Catching Mazda’s SKYACTIV drift

Mazda SKYACTIV event New Zealand

Mazda’s 2018 i-ACTIV AWD Event It seems that with each new generation of motor vehicle comes a whole new suite of aids and safety measures designed to keep everyone from drivers and passengers to pedestrians and even wildlife, out of harm’s way. And as around 90% of motor vehicle crashes are caused (at least in […]

Ford Apex their Mountain – 2019 Ford Everest Review

2019 Ford Everest Review

2019 Ford Everest First Drive Review Ford NZ – Among the raft of other necessities required to climb to the top of any mountain, certain things like determination, perseverance and a whole heap of planning are most certainly at the forefront. Whether you’re a pioneer (there are still a plethora of ‘virgin peaks’ yet to […]

Turn your cr## into $500 of Karma Credits

24 hours of LeMons NZ

The 24 Hours of LeMons 7-Day Challenge 24 Hours of LeMons, is a not to be missed, chance to get off your couch, dress up like a complete muppet (or any other suitable theme) and be all you can be behind the wheel of your racecar (ahem) on the Hampton Downs racetrack. But with just […]

Baby RAM ain’t kidding around – RAM 1500 Review

RAM 1500 Review New Zealand

RAM 1500 Review – First drive Alright, I know that a young Ram is called a ‘Ram Lamb’ but it didn’t have the same ring to it. The point is RAM (the truck type) have just launched their new 1500 and despite it being shorter, lower and lighter than its siblings, according to them it […]

Volvo XC40 review – City Takeaway

Volvo XC40 review New Zealand

Volvo XC40 review New Zealand Whenever I picture inner-city life, whether locally in Auckland or further afield in say New York or London, I always get a sense of a people living a fast-paced, ever moving and ever-evolving lifestyle. In my mind, it’s all restaurants, takeaways and bars, being seen in all the right places […]

Special Delivery – GM Holden Acadia

GM Holden Acadia New Zealand

Receiving a letter in the mail is a bit of a rarity nowadays, so when a seemingly innocuous white envelope arrived, I eyed it with a hint of suspicion. Then I spotted the sender’s address, none other than the US Embassy, Wellington – gulp. The invite inside stated that the Ambassador of the United States […]

Ford Endura Review – Boxing clever

Ford Endura New Zealand

Ford Endura Review New Zealand Despite the endless amounts of fun and love that having a family brings with them (just in case they read this), they, unfortunately, turn even the simplest of trips, into a logistical nightmare. Going to a friend’s place, to the local beach or even to the store for that matter, […]