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Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 review – Short Circuit

Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 review New Zealand Electricity is a funny old thing. Alternating and Direct, (AC/DC), High and low voltage, Big and small amp’s, clean and dirty (in terms of resource)… One thing is for sure, in my humble opinion; it’s lazy – always looking for the path of least resistance and […]

Mercedes-Benz GLC Review – A Very Classy Package

Mercedes-Benz GLC Review New Zealand Like many other New Zealanders, it’s around about now that I start thinking of my summer holidays. Where to go, where to stay, how to get there and what to do. There are so many options out there and to be perfectly honest even when we’ve agreed on a destination, […]

Lexus LC500 Review – Second date.

Lexus LC 500 Review New Zealand First dates can be a nightmare – not the date itself (that’s a different story), I’m talking more about the pressure that surrounds it. It doesn’t help that the date is shrouded in anticipation (I assume from both sides) but if you are the person organising it, trying to […]

Unstoppable Force – An Outback experience with Mike Horn and Mercedes

An amazing Mercedes experience in Australia Mike Horn has circumnavigated the globe more times than a NASA satellite. He’s climbed to the top of numerous 8,000+ metre peaks (without oxygen), walked unassisted to both Poles and all the way around the North one, swam the Amazon, played with sharks and piranhas and even had a […]

Isuzu MU-X review – A Sense of Freedom

Since driving around the Isuzu off-road course at Fieldays earlier this year, both myself and my family were keen to get some additional time with their MU-X SUV. I liked its capability, the wife liked its 7 seat versatility and my son liked the drop down 10.2” screen with DVD player – evidently it ticked […]

BMW 530e Sedan Review – Circuit City

BMW 530e Sedan Review New Zealand Several years ago, you’d be hard pushed to go to any major American city and not stumble upon a Circuit City. Founded in 1949 by Samuel Wurtzal, Circuit City went on to become an incredibly popular electronic superstore of the 1970’s and beyond. It was THE place to go […]

That last ‘kin bolt!

24 Hours of LeMons NZ

24 hours of LeMons New Zealand Approaching our third 24 Hour LeMons event we thought we had it nailed. Our car, a pristine (cough) ’91 Toyota Celica with awesome pop-up headlights, had been given a bit of a once-over by our genius mechanic (he actually really is) and was even treated to a brand spanking […]

The Mazda SKI-ACTIV Experience

Mazda on Ice New Zealand I remember vividly the first time I actually put skis on and hit (quite literally) the snow. I was in my late teens and full of bravado, I headed to the top of the chairlift, strapped on two planks of wood and shot down the slope – straight into a […]

What happens when life gives you Lemons?

Actually, the title should read ‘what happens when you register for 24 Hours of LeMon’s’ but it’s not as catchy. As many of you car/racing nuts are probably aware, this weekend will be the 3rd 24 Hours of LeMon’s event for NZ and we (our team) will be there (Hampton Downs) with bells on – […]

Ford are going to be Rapt – Well the Ranger is!

..Press Release.. Ford Motor Company today announced that the hugely popular Ford Ranger pickup truck will be available in an off-road performance variant for the first time. Arriving in Asia Pacific in 2018, the purpose-built, desert-racing inspired pickup truck joins the Ford Performance family, carrying the name ‘Ford Ranger Raptor’.  Designed and engineered to deliver […]