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101+ reasons to see the Hampton 101’s

I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Hampton Downs 101 last weekend, as a guest and as a reporter – each had their individual merits and yet both were outstanding. This is the first time the Australian GT’s have been on NZ’s NI soil and with ten manufacturers represented (AMG, Ferrari, Audi, Aston, Nissan, […]

Jaguar F-Type SVR – Sent to Coventry.

In the UK, being ‘Sent to Coventry’ means being ostracized, cast out from your peers so to speak. I won’t bore you with the details but the phrase is thought to have originated during the English Civil War when troops stationed near Coventry were shunned and excluded by the town’s locals. Anyway, Jaguar have come […]

VW Tiguan – Information Highway

The information highway, or super highway or infobahn was a buzzword made popular during the 1990’s. It’s an all-encompassing term/phrase that describes the information we receive via telecommunications or on-line and in many ways sums up the digital age. Now (with a smartphone in your pocket) we are essentially all genii, we can self-diagnose, have […]

RAM Trucks re-engineered

Left for a change – really means business I get to fly quite a lot with this role, I’m not skiting about it as most of the time it’s a bit of a pain; what with getting to the airport early, parking (and the massive fee that comes with it) plus time away from the […]

Holden Colorado Z71 – Quite Zee attraction

When you picture Colorado it’s hard not to think of a vast and impressive terrain full of rugged Rocky mountains and arid deserts, with snow capped ski slopes in winter and dusty ranches, cattle trains, horse treks and campfires in summer – although Denver has its fair share of progressive and modern cities, it really […]

Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe – Lean on me

Construction of the Bell Tower in the town of Pisa Italy started in 1173 and (due to wars) took 199 years to build – completed in 1372. The tower’s ‘lean’ was essentially there from the start due to genius builders deciding that soft ground was far easier to dig through and build on. But as […]

Toyota Corolla 2015 – has popularity sewn up

For 26 years the Toyota Corolla has been NZ’s most popular car, so I jumped into the new Corolla Levin SX facelift to see if I could find out why. Facially I think it’s got ‘Cheshire cat grin’ look about it; accentuated somewhat by a black hexagon lower centre grille and pitch black surround. Angled […]

Ford Fiest ST – Arriba arriba

Speedy Gonzales was a Mexican cartoon mouse from my childhood, ‘the fastest mouse in all Mexico’ that ran rings around Sylvester the cat (later Daffy Duck) and helped his fellow mice gain entry to a coveted cheese factory. Speedy’s acceleration, cornering and agility thwarted all attempts to snare him always leaving his nemesis humiliated or […]

Honda CR-V a magical SUV

The 2015 Honda CR-V 4WD Sport isn’t a testosterone filled, fire breathing muscle car but it is an all round family SUV. It’s safe and driver friendly for the city and for the school run but it is also capable enough to take to the snow fields or mountain bike tracks. At first glance the […]

Ford Focus ST – Focus Group

A focus group is defined as a form of qualitative research. A group of (often specialised) people are asked for their opinions, thoughts and attitudes about a certain brand or product. I would assume they were busy as Ford ended up taking a bunch of us Auto Journalists to Melbourne to look at the new […]