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Special Delivery pt 4 – Mercedes Hilton

Christchurch to Queenstown. Part 4 of the 5 part series taking the new E-Class Mercedes from Auckland to Dunedin, stopping at all the Hilton’s in NZ along the way. Here we see snow capped Southern Alps and i get to explain the amazing LED headlights on the E-Class. Subscribe now to keep updated  

The Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe – Hard 8

The game Hazard was invented in Britain around 2000 years ago. It’s a game where gamblers bet on the outcome of the ‘Dice’ (one of its other names) roll. It’s a simple enough game and as it requires very little in terms of equipment, it can be played virtually anywhere. It is believed that when […]

The Mercedes Hilton Part 3

Part 3 of the 5 part series taking the E-Class from Auckland to Dunedin. Here we take the ferry to the South Island and head to Christchurch. Subscribe now to keep updated    

Lexus RC 200 F Sport is Lexus to a T – a 200t

Lexus’s (or is it Lexi) vehicles seem to be more ‘Sculpted’ than manufactured. Their lines and curves have more of artistry about them than pure automotive design. Yes they have been formed with ‘aerodynamics’ in mind but you get the sense that their image is more spawned from a group of creative types on a […]

Toyota Corolla Hybrid – Endurance Pace

Without getting too philosophical, (provided your health stays in relatively good working order) Life is an Endurance event. You hopefully have a respectable amount of years on the planet, time to enjoy the seasons of change from child to youth, youth to adult and adult to retirement. You’ll own things, make friends, and maybe have […]

Special Delivery – The Mercedes Hilton

I’ve never really considered myself to be an E-Class type of guy (some would say I’m a no class type of guy), but when I stumbled upon the opportunity to drive the new edition 1800km (from Auckland to Dunedin) and that the Hilton chain of Hotels were going to supply the fine accommodation along the […]

Highlands Motorsport Park – in slow mo

Got to ride shotgun around Highlands Motorsport Park in the New Mercedes-Benz E-Class. had to deliver it in one piece so not a fast drive (alloys don’t like ripple strips). But good chance to chat about New Zealand’s longest race track. Subscribe now to keep updated Thanks for the video edit Nile

Serious Fun – 24 Hours of Lemon NZ

Roll cage – check, flame retardant overalls – check, motor sport licence – check, Multi-coloured sparkling wigs – wait; what? Last weekend saw the inaugural 24 hours of LeMons motorsport event take place at Hampton Downs and it was a cracker! 30 teams rocked up in their ‘themed’ sub $1000 cars (yeah right) and took […]