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Ferrari Evolution video – a world first?

Ferrari 308 GTS New Zealand

Ferrari mid engine evolution To my knowledge, this is the first time in NZ that all the Mid-engine Ferrari’s have been gathered together on the same track at the same time. I could go on to tell you what an amazing experience it all was but easier to let you see the movie! For more […]

Motel California – VW California Ocean

VW California Ocean review New Zealand A few months ago Volkswagen teased me with a picture of their new California Ocean Campervan, it was resplendent in nostalgic red and white it harked back to the glory days of the iconic VW Kombi – anyway; they said that it would be mine to test out soon […]

North Island’s new adventure playground

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park review New Zealand A mere stone’s throw from both Auckland and Hamilton is a place that you may well have driven past and written off as just another racetrack and until recently you’d have been right. Although it was (and is) a very good circuit, a racetrack is primarily what Hampton […]

Off the Hook – Hilton FISH

Hilton Review New Zealand One of the joys of being a journalist is the invites you get, invites to some of the best places and things New Zealand (and beyond) has to offer. From accommodation and new cars to new technology and restaurants, we do have to review them but you do get to taste […]

Urban Assault Vehicle – Pajero Sport VRX

Pajero Sport VRX review New Zealand In the 1981 movie Stripes; screen comedy legend Bill Murray plays a down and out cabbie character John Winger that enlists to the US Army. He joins a team of other misfits and go through basic training (if you haven’t seen it before I urge you to download it […]

Poster Child of the future – BMW I8

BMW I8 review New Zealand I can’t help but feel a hint of sadness for the kids of today. When I was growing up; my Corgi diecast cars and the posters that adorned my bedroom walls were nearly all gas guzzling V8 American or European supercars. They made grunty noises and as I pushed the […]

Grand Designs – BMW 420i Gran Coupe

BMW 420i Gran Coupe review New Zealand There is a TV program that goes out of its way to show you some of the most elaborate, intricate and elegant building designs on the planet. It’s a place for people to not only conjure up some illustrious and far-fetched (they call it unique) projects but to […]

Not for Vampires – DS 4 Crossback

DS 4 Crossback review New Zealand Vampire folklore would have you believe that these beings of our nightmares are in fact real and that all over the world there are pockets of un-dead people with fangs that ‘want to suck your blood.’ Books, TV, Movies and even (on the odd occasion) News, will recant tales […]

One man in a car park – Yamaha MT-03

Yamaha MT-03 review New Zealand There is something very cool about having a motorbike in your garage. For me it’s part of my childhood dream of having the car the bike and the boat. So when Yamaha began helping me on my journey of getting a bike licence it was obviously quite the thrill. In […]

Spot on – Lexus GS-F

Lexus GS-F review New Zealand On the mark, right on, on the mark, on the button, there are loads of terms that mean the same thing, basically when something is right or correct in my opinion it’s spot on. I have a small family, we’re pretty much middle of the road in financial terms (actually […]