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Mountain biking trails in New Caledonia

Mountain biking is a booming sport in New Caledonia with tracks to suit all levels of riders throughout the island and more tracks appearing regularly. From the urban trails of Noumea to mountainous tracks of central Grande Terre, prepare for thrills and spills on your New Caledonian biking adventure.

New Caledonia caters for mountain bikers of all ages. Green trails are best suited to leisurely, family orientated rides, intermediate mountain bikers should look for blue trails and for the most adventurous, experienced and advanced riders red and black trails are just the ticket to get the heart racing and adrenaline pumping.

Noumea has an incredible bike park that will challenge and delight mountain bikers of all levels. Les Boucles de Tina (Tina Trails) has 20 ultra-modern bike trails to satisfy the most ardent mountain biking fan. There are bike trails geared towards beginners and black trails for the expert thrill-seekers. Wooden modules are fitted throughout the tracks to challenge riders.

The park hosts school holiday programs and courses throughout the year. Found in the heart of Noumea, Les Boucles de Tina is set amongst a dry forest and alongside mangroves, this highly regarded mountain bike park is challenging, exciting and scenic!

The Netcha Trails in the southern province opened in 2011 and feature 150 kilometres of mountain biking circuits divided into nine runs. There are two green runs aimed at beginners, families or those simply looking for a leisurely ride. For those searching for a greater thrill try either of the two black runs. The Carenage river run at 12.4km or the Plain of Lakes run a lengthy 32.6km. These challenging trails are aimed at experienced riders searching for a serious thrill.

Mountain biking in New Caledonia

Horse riders' paradise

New Caledonia on horseback

If a two-wheeled ride isn’t your thing perhaps a four-legged friend might be more up your alley.

In New Caledonia the horse is king. It is said that there is one horse for every 20 inhabitants across the French Polynesian archipelago. Horses are an integral part of the landscape both domesticated and wild, and horse riding is a top attraction in the region. With an abundantly diverse and striking landscape to discover, you’ll find there’s nothing quite like horse riding in New Caledonia.

There are lots of options for horse riding expeditions throughout the country. The Sheraton Deva New Caledonia Spa and Golf Resort offer a complete cowboy experience. With experienced guides, you’ll cross the mountainous hills of Deva Domain, canter along the beach and even learn to crack a whip.

In La Foa you can combine scenic trail riding with the chance to learn about the daily life of the traditional Oui Poin Tribe. You’ll meet the friendly locals in their own environment and learn their ancestral traditions. Just two hours north of Noumea this picturesque riverside spot is the perfect base for horseback trails along the tribe’s customary mountainous paths.

Horse breeders the world over are madly passionate about their horses and New Caledonia is no different. Enjoy New Caledonia’s horse friendly lifestyle and stay at a local stock breeding ranch. The horses are primarily used to herd livestock, so are integral working members of the farm community.

New Caledonia provides horse riding opportunities for riders of all levels. Clubs and ranches offer trails for all riders setting off for hour-long rides, day trips or even weekend excursions. Karikaté Randonnées at Païta, is just half an hour from Noumea and offers a range of loop trails. Travel on horseback across stockbreeding estates, enjoy breath-taking scenery from the back of your trusty steed and take a refreshing dip with your four-legged friend.

The sheer beauty of New Caledonia and the varied landscape provides ample opportunities for adventurers, whether its riding a mountain bike or upon our four-legged friends. Either way, New Caledonia delivers exciting adventures for mountain bikers and horse riders at all levels.

Touring New Caledonia on horseback

Have you been there?

New Caledonia is only a few hours flight from New Zealand and offers a unique culture that sets it apart from our other nearby island neighbours. It should definitely be near the top of your wishlist when planning your next holiday.

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