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Sunshine on a rainy day – Ferrari F12

Ferrari F12 New Zealand It was a nasty mid-winters day in Taupo NZ when I got my first chance to drive a Ferrari and what a Ferrari it was – their King’s horse; a V12 Beast called an F12. For more Ferrari reviews click here Subscribe to keep updated

‘Daddy, you’ve got Iron Man’s car!’ Audi R8Plus

Audi R8Plus review New Zealand My son squealed as I pulled up on our driveway. Yes indeed, I was behind the wheel of Tony Stark’s ride of choice the Audi R8. But not your normal R8 (if there is such a thing), I was driving the new R8 V10 Plus! Don’t panic, I’m not going […]

Ferrari 488GTB Review – My Happy Place

Ferrari 488GTB Review New Zealand People go to great lengths to find a place that makes them happy. It could be a quiet spot away from everyone else or it maybe in the thick of things in Vegas; it may even be grabbing a glass of fine wine or a cup of earl gray while […]

The beautiful Ferrari 308

Ferrari 308 GTS New Zealand

Ferrari 308 GTS review New Zealand In December 1980 something stunning flashed up on our small family TV screen. All dressed in Red; it was a thing of such beauty that it captivated my attention from the moment it power slid off the grass and on to the Hawaiian highway with Tom Selleck behind the […]