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Bull Run: Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Tested

In 1879, a bull fight took place in the Spanish town of Cordoba. Now you might be thinking, “hang on, bullfights happen in Spain all the time?” well, not like this one. The ring was the famous Coso de los Califas and the matador was faced with the toughest and meanest fighting bull Cordoba had […]

Modern Day Family Values

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Review New Zealand It seems to me that modern day family life is not only getting unbelievably busy but it’s also getting more and more disjointed. What used to be a weekend, is now a series of ‘events’ and what used to be interaction, now seems to be a group of people […]

BMW M2 Review – A Vermicious Knid

BMW M2 Review New Zealand Vermicious knids are huge dark egg-shaped beings that live on the planet Vermes 184,270,000,000 miles away from earth and for some reason, they are the first things that came to mind when I drove BMW’s new M2 rocket ship. It’s obviously not their shape that made me think of them, […]

Lexus LC500 First Drive – Complete with a pre-emptive poster.

Lexus LC 500 First Drive – New Zealand It’s hard to be certain what prompts or in fact warrants longevity for a poster on a bedroom wall. Growing up, the pictures of pop groups, girls and even various cars that adorned the walls of my room seemed to change as quickly as my mood (which […]

Alfa Romeo Giulia first drive – An Italian Renaissance

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind about the love that surrounds Alfa Romeo. Despite; or maybe even because of its faults and quirkiness, it’s a brand that inspires great passion and desire. Of course, it’s not without just cause, both design and performance are there with abundance, mind you; it’s fair to say that […]

The Aventador S by Lamborghini – Italian Masterpiece

It’s not that hard to define a masterpiece, albeit a painting, a literary piece, a culinary delight, a song, even a play or opera. In simplistic terms; a masterpiece is essentially a most outstanding piece of work that you become so engrossed with that you actually forget the artist that created it. It’s the Triumph […]

New Audi A & S5 Review – a Karaka of a car

On a soggy and dreary Monday morning a group of us were bussed to Karaka for the local launch of a new car. The combination of time, day and weather may sound like I wasn’t looking forward to this event, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. As we arrived at Te HiHi, there […]

Audi Q2 and S4 Launch – Untaggable Stepping Stones

The invite to the launch of any new (or even updated) Audi vehicle always brings on a sense of excitement. You can be relatively sure it’s going to be stylish and good looking (inside and out), it’s going to be technologically advanced, prestigious and undoubtedly well designed to fit the market perfectly. So you can […]

Toyota GT86 launch – Tune Changer

Toyota GT86 launch New Zealand A couple of years ago I got behind the wheel of the Toyota GT86. I had it for a week and used it to commute and basically domesticated it. I enjoyed the car, liked its simplicity and although I understood that Toyota designed the 86 to be a ‘Driver’s Car’, […]

Mazda MX-5 review – A Holiday Romance

Several years ago (okay many years ago), I was young and single and used to holiday in the Mediterranean Islands every summer. Ibiza (before it was the rave capital of the World) Kos, Majorca etc all featured on my hot hit list of places to go to relax, rejuvenate and (all going well) find romance. […]