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Limited Focus – Ford Focus RS Limited Edition Review

Ford Focus RS Limited Edition New Zealand

Ford Focus RS Limited Edition Review New Zealand Ford NZ – I read (or maybe I just scanned) a report somewhere that our attention spans are getting shorter and, hey look a cow. Apparently (according to a study conducted by Microsoft Corp), it’s estimated that people now generally lose their concentration after 8-seconds, making us […]

Porsche Macan Turbo Performance Pack Review – A Real Bench Lifter

From a gym goer’s point of view, the bench press is one of the most popular exercises in terms of increasing upper body strength. From a supine position on top of a bench (and using weights on a barbell), the motion consists of raising the bar from chest to the full extent of the arms […]

New Holden Astra – European takeaway

Europe’s population is estimated to be around 750million (give or take the UK) and its land mass covers roughly 10 million km (again give or take the UK). Most of the population tends to congregate around major cities; which despite the ever changing people vs land equation, still leaves a fair amount of unattended land. […]