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Oh it’s really Swift!

Suzuki Swift Sport NZ

It’s always been the case that some cars are simply more fun than others and one of the perennial Kiwi “fun car” favourites, the Suzuki Swift Sport, just got an update. It’s broken through the $30k barrier and comes with all manner of gadgets from satnav to adaptive cruise control, so is it still as […]

Mini Clubman JCW review – Mini and Mighty

Mini Clubman JCW Review NZ

The motoring public’s love of Mini literally began the moment it was unveiled by BMC in 1959. A darling of the 60s, the tiny yet ‘oh so practical’ car came at a time when fuel prices were high and skirts were short. It was an instant family favourite and most, if not all of us […]

5th Generation SEAT Ibiza – Small car, big personality

SEAT Ibiza review NZ

The Ibiza ‘supermini’ is Spanish car giant SEAT’s biggest selling vehicle. In fact, since its initial launch way back in 1984, SEAT has sold nigh-on 5.5million units of this model globally and yet, here in NZ both the brand and the small car itself, have yet to gain the full recognition they deserve. We thought […]

Suzuki Swift RS Review – Tailor Swift.

Aside from the obvious name connection, both Suzuki and Taylor seem to have quite a lot in common. Both are children of the 80’s, they are multi-award winning, attractive, smart and both have proven to be incredibly popular in New Zealand. But there is one other similarity that seems tailor-made for this review. You see, […]

Mazda2 Review – 7 Year Itch

A seven year period seems to be one of great relevance. For example, my son has just turned seven and appears to know EVERYTHING, You get 7 years bad luck should you break a mirror, a dog ages 7 years to 1 human year, then of course there is that 7 year itch, not just […]

Kia Rio Review – Chatterbox

I’m pretty sure that any review of the Kia Rio should have some link back to Brazil, or a little Blue animated bird, or maybe even both. I am lucky (cough) enough to have a partner that hails from the great South American country of Brazil and as such have visited the vibrant city of […]

Suzuki Swift – Gold at the end of the Rainbow

Rainbows have a magical awe about them. In Roman/Greek mythology Iris (a messenger of the gods) is the God of the Rainbow, In Indonesia a Rainbow is a bridge used by soul boats, Christians think it represents Christ’s throne, the Arabs think it’s a giant Bow and lastly my favorite – The Irish believe that […]