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Audi to release new RS3

Audi RS3

From 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, up to 180mph top speed, RS Torque Splitter and specific RS driving modes – the new Audi RS 3 offers driving dynamics of the highest calibre and the best numbers in its segment. Equipped with a 400PS five-cylinder engine, the high-performance unit delivers rapid acceleration with a highly intoxicating sound. Visually, […]

Absolute Power: Roush Mustang RS3 Review

There is an old saying, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” While this has often been true throughout world history, the same cannot be said in the world of the Ford Mustang. Since the golden days of Ford’s pony car, countless tuners and performance boffins have been doing everything they can to give buyers the most extreme […]

Over the moon about the Audi RS3 & Q7

Audi RS3 & Q7 review New Zealand 2007 saw the launch of the Google Lunar XPRIZE. This competition (with a $30M prize pool) was created to incentivize entrepreneurs to find a way for affordable access to the moon and beyond. Basically it’s a good old fashioned Space Race, the first team that are able to […]