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Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD review – Jeepers it’s Mighty

When I started to write this review I assumed that it would be more of a car/weather match. You see, my friends at Jeep NZ kindly loaned me the Jeep Grand Cherokee during a particular Icy snap that Auckland had been part of (yes I know it was nothing like South Island weather) and hopping […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk – Off the page

Located in the Sierra Nevada desert, West of the beautiful Lake Tahoe California is a 35km part road part 4×4 trail called Rubicon. The Rubicon trail is an unforgiving ride through treacherous arid and rocky countryside along a route that demands the best from any vehicle that dares to venture up it – just the […]

The Land Rover Discovery Sport Review – Born Free

Elsa was an orphaned lion cub brought up in Kenya by Joy and George Adamson. The movie Born Free follows Elsa as she and her older and bigger siblings are cared for by the couple. Over time, Elsa’s sibling’s ‘Big one’ and ‘Lustica’ are relocated to the Rotterdam Zoo but the Adamson’s choose to rehabilitate […]

American Desert Buggy – aka Jeep

Jeep New Zealand To celebrate Jeep’s 75th Anniversary, Jeep took us to the forest and took us back in time, we got educated the brand but more importantly we got muddy, very very muddy! In 1941 the world was an entirely different place, we were at war. Europe was a vast continent of unpredictable weather […]