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A $20 Lifesaver – Ride Forever

Yamaha New Zealand

As you may or may not know, my learning to ride a motorcycle has been a long and often arduous mission. Being slightly elevated in years has made me cautious and considerate of my brittle bones. That being said, when I have taken the Yamaha out of the garage (sunny days only) I have learned […]

Yamaha MT-03 Lessons – Positioning

As some of you are probably aware, I’m learning to ride a motorcycle and so far it’s been quite a journey. This weekend however my education took a giant leap forward and it’s all about positioning. Without getting too philosophical ‘positioning’ comes into our lives in so many ways ( we jostle for position at […]

Sun out, Fun out – Yamaha MT-03

Yamaha MT-03 review New Zealand I love my family, my friends; hell sometimes I even like my job BUT like most people; there are times when I just want my own ‘quiet’ time. I don’t ask for much, just a little peace and ‘me’ time in a world that seemingly demands my attention – home, […]

One man in a car park – Yamaha MT-03

Yamaha MT-03 review New Zealand There is something very cool about having a motorbike in your garage. For me it’s part of my childhood dream of having the car the bike and the boat. So when Yamaha began helping me on my journey of getting a bike licence it was obviously quite the thrill. In […]