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Ford Escape SUVeee

Naming your children is often fraught with danger, there can be so many people to appease along the way. Grandparents, Parents, In Laws, friends you even (at some point) should consider the child itself and the name they have to live with. Even our esteemed celebrities can get it wrong – Moxie Crimefighter, Princess Tiaamii, […]

RAM Trucks re-engineered

Left for a change – really means business I get to fly quite a lot with this role, I’m not skiting about it as most of the time it’s a bit of a pain; what with getting to the airport early, parking (and the massive fee that comes with it) plus time away from the […]

Putting the Show into Showroom – Maserati

Maserati Showroom Australia Last week we had the pleasure of travelling to Melbourne as a guest of Maserati. The trip was for two reasons (well three if you count lunch), A: to see the much anticipated Levante in the flesh but B: to see their new look and restyled showrooms. The trip was to be […]