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Spark of Electric Lex – Lexus RZ450e Dynamic Review

The Lexus RZ was a bit of a milestone when it was unveiled last year. The first all-electric offering from a brand which has always been obsessed with “the pursuit of perfection” I attended the nationwide launch of the RZ family last year and spent a week with the base RZ450e Core before Christmas and, […]

Lexus Electric Avenue – Lexus RZ450e Core Review

Arriving at a party first can be awkward at times. The social festivities don’t often quite get into full swing until a good chunk of the invited guests put in an appearance. Therefore, sometimes it is best to be “fashionably late” as you can assess how the other guests are and then you can swoop […]

X and Y Z – Lexus RX and RZ first drives

Lexus RX and RZ review NZ

There is something rather special about driving around the deep dark south of New Zealand, the endless flowing curves, the unpredictable gradients and cambers, and the long stretches of traffic-free tarmac that head towards a backdrop of the snow-peaked southern alps. In fact, the only thing that can make the experience better is when you’re […]