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The Final Act? – 2024 Lexus LC500 Coupe Review

There are some cars out there which really get under one’s skin. It can be difficult to describe to some extent, but all car buffs out there have a handful of cars they could happily picture being parked in their garage. For me, one such car is the Lexus LC500, one sporting GT which left […]

Lexus LC500 Review – Second date.

Lexus LC 500 Review New Zealand First dates can be a nightmare – not the date itself (that’s a different story), I’m talking more about the pressure that surrounds it. It doesn’t help that the date is shrouded in anticipation (I assume from both sides) but if you are the person organising it, trying to […]

Lexus LC500 First Drive – Complete with a pre-emptive poster.

Lexus LC 500 First Drive – New Zealand It’s hard to be certain what prompts or in fact warrants longevity for a poster on a bedroom wall. Growing up, the pictures of pop groups, girls and even various cars that adorned the walls of my room seemed to change as quickly as my mood (which […]