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Hot Holden lunch date with the Commodore VXR and friends.

Holden Commodore VXR New Zealand

The Holden invite said, ‘Join us at Pukekohe racetrack for a light lunch followed by hot laps in the Commodore VXR with Greg Murphy and Tom Alexander, Plus a meet and greet with Jamie Whincup.’ It was an action-packed event but if I’m honest, they had me at free lunch! For those that are unaware, […]

Sapphire and Steel, happy 65th Holden

Holden on Chatham Island

Tall cars and even taller stories awaited us at an event that was advertised as ‘65 Million years in the making.’ It was Holden’s 65th Anniversary and what a way to celebrate. We rather fittingly boarded a ropey old plane to the Chatham Islands, 828km East of New Zealand, three hours late and what followed […]

Diesel do just nicely – Holden diesel review

Holden New Zealand

Holden Diesel Review New Zealand Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ll have noticed that the face of Holden has changed somewhat. The car brand’s ‘Westieness’ has given way to a more global visage. It’s a mind shift that hasn’t pleased everyone but by dipping into their overseas […]

Holden’s Heroes

I fear that for many brands and companies, choosing the ideal Celebrity (or Influencer for that matter) to fly their flag would be an absolute minefield, mind you this dilemma can flow the other way too. People are people and therefore come with a certain amount of human traits (both good and bad) and brands […]

Holden Equinox review – A Stellar SUV

Holden Equinox review New Zealand It’d been a while since I’d been behind the wheel of Holden’s new Equinox, so I  guess I could be excused, but I’d forgotten just how car-like this SUV was. Of course not from the outside, although its design is quite sleek, nor in many respects from the amount of […]

Holden Astra Sportwagon review – releasing Salty.

Holden Astra Sportwagon review New Zealand Estuarine crocodiles (saltwater crocs) are the largest of all living reptiles. Males can grow to be near 7m in length while females can vary around 3m. They are territorial and aggressive towards anything that comes near (including humans) and certainly have more to be feared over the Johnstones (freshwater […]

Equinox passes NZ – Holden Equinox that is.

Following on from a big day of NZ road testing Holden’s new Astra Sedan (will get to that another time), we were rewarded with a sneaky look at their new SUV, the Equinox. We managed to open doors and get a feel for its spaciousness but as decisions have yet to be made on spec, […]

Holden Colorado Z71 – Quite Zee attraction

When you picture Colorado it’s hard not to think of a vast and impressive terrain full of rugged Rocky mountains and arid deserts, with snow capped ski slopes in winter and dusty ranches, cattle trains, horse treks and campfires in summer – although Denver has its fair share of progressive and modern cities, it really […]