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Japan – Two Hearts, beat as one.

Tokyo Japan

Travel Experiences Although thanks to Mazda, we were in Japan to see the latest offerings in the automotive world at the Tokyo Motor Show, we still had plenty of time to immerse ourselves into the spectacle that is Japan. And as we found out, it’s not all samurai swords and ninja’s The island of Japan […]

Exploring the true nature of KODO

Mazda’s KODO Mazda’s KODO (Soul of Motion) design language was first introduced to the world in 2010 in the form of the Shinari concept vehicle. The motivation behind this design ethos was, and very much still is, the ‘dynamic beauty of life’ and with its more muscular design characteristics, Shinari showed us that this form […]

Catch a bullet

To catch a bullet in your hand or mouth takes skill and precision timing, or that’s what magicians and performance artists would have you believe. Of course, it’s a trick but as a child, I used to watch in awe and wonder. What is not a trick, however, is the precision and timing that surrounds […]