So stunning it’s a bit unfair

Peugeot 208 GT

No matter what direction you look at it from, the Peugeot 208 GT has to be the best looking small hatch on the market today. I mean, who pulls off great big LED claws and fangs on the front of the car and not just gets away with it but scores a design slam dunk […]

5th Generation SEAT Ibiza – Small car, big personality

SEAT Ibiza review NZ

The Ibiza ‘supermini’ is Spanish car giant SEAT’s biggest selling vehicle. In fact, since its initial launch way back in 1984, SEAT has sold nigh-on 5.5million units of this model globally and yet, here in NZ both the brand and the small car itself, have yet to gain the full recognition they deserve. We thought […]

Kia Cerato GT Line review – Whose line is it anyway?

Kia Cerato GT Line Review NZ

Popular around the beginning of the naughties, ‘Whose line is it anyway?’ was a witty live ‘improvisational’ comedy show where a panel of comedians were fed, (often ludicrous) situational suggestions to which they would perform a song a scene or simply ‘play’ to. It was spontaneous, dynamic and above all, never failed to put a […]

VW’s new white-hot, hatch – Volkswagen Polo GTI review

VW Polo GTI Review New Zealand

Volkswagen Polo GTI Review New Zealand Most car people at some point in their driving career will have a GTI in their garage (or at least, been behind the wheel of one). Mine happened to be a Golf Mk 2 16v back in the 80’s and it has remained one of the stand out vehicles […]

A taste of Italy – Alfa Romeo Giulietta review

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review New Zealand

Alfa Romeo Giulietta review New Zealand When I picture Italy, I am consumed with images of endless summer days. An arid dusty countryside that extends out to the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean that surrounds it. Quaint little towns with narrow cobblestoned streets. Close-knit families sharing bottles of Chianti and dipping warm fragrant garlic […]

Kart before the Horse – Mini Cooper S hatch review

Mini Cooper S Hatch Review New Zealand

Mini Cooper S hatch review New Zealand The new Mini Cooper S boasts more speed, safety and connectivity but does this mean it’s not as much fun to drive? I took to the wheel of an attention-getting Solaris Orange model complete with cool black go-faster bonnet decals to find out. First and foremost, power in […]

A greater connection – Mercedes-Benz A-Class A 200 Review

Mercedes-Benz A 200 review New Zealand

Mercedes-Benz A 200 Review New Zealand Depending on their lifecycle, the E and S Class have notably always received the lion share of new advancements in technology for Mercedes-Benz. It makes sense right? They are essentially the flagships for the brand and are aimed at the upper end of the affluent public. But now it […]

Limited Focus – Ford Focus RS Limited Edition Review

Ford Focus RS Limited Edition New Zealand

Ford Focus RS Limited Edition Review New Zealand Ford NZ – I read (or maybe I just scanned) a report somewhere that our attention spans are getting shorter and, hey look a cow. Apparently (according to a study conducted by Microsoft Corp), it’s estimated that people now generally lose their concentration after 8-seconds, making us […]

Shadow Boxing – BMW M140i Shadow edition review

BMW M140 Shadow edition review New Zealand Anyone that’s watched a professional boxing bout will have probably witnessed a fighter rapidly punch the air or shadow-box upon arrival to the ring. In essence, Shadowboxing is sparing with an imaginary opponent, (often in front of a mirror) and is an integral part of training – it […]

Rapid by name… Skoda Rapid Sport Review

Skoda Rapid Sport Review New Zealand Road Runner, Superfast, Gran Sport, Super Sport, to me there is something quite satisfying when a vehicle does what it says on the tin. It’s a sense of full-circle completion, an ‘everyone is on the same page’ moment, which is why my eyebrows raised a little when Skoda asked […]