Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review – Fresh face, refined power

Mercedes-Benz GLC Review NZ

There’s something rather different about the new Mercedes-Benz GLC and yet it’s equally very familiar.  From the outset, it is immediately apparent that the GLC’s design is both more in tune with the brand’s new family look but not without adding its own splash of character. The grille, front apron and LED High-Performance headlamps all […]

Mercedes-Benz GLC Review – A Very Classy Package

Mercedes-Benz GLC Review New Zealand Like many other New Zealanders, it’s around about now that I start thinking of my summer holidays. Where to go, where to stay, how to get there and what to do. There are so many options out there and to be perfectly honest even when we’ve agreed on a destination, […]

Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 Coupe review – Blue Steel

Have you ever wondered how there are some people that never have a bad photo taken of them? Their social media feeds or even family pics for that matter always seem to catch these people at their best. Well rest assured, like everything else; for most of them it takes work. From Models and wannabee […]

Test Driving Mercedes new GLC 250d – Goldilocks

We all know the story, cute girl breaks into a bear’s family home, eats everything they have in the porridge department, breaks a chair and then crashes for the night in their kid’s bed. She’s fussy too complaining about their cooking and furniture – in fact some would say downright rude but at least she […]