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Shortest day, Longest Drive – Holden Equinox experience

Holden Equinox

On the precipice of the Winter Solstice, Holden invited us to a sunrise to sunset, coast to coast event that spanned the width of New Zealand’s spectacular South Island, making the most of the daylight hours. The Holden Equinox experience began with an early evening, winding road climb past Cattlestop Crag to City View lookout […]

Diesel do just nicely – Holden diesel review

Holden New Zealand

Holden Diesel Review New Zealand Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ll have noticed that the face of Holden has changed somewhat. The car brand’s ‘Westieness’ has given way to a more global visage. It’s a mind shift that hasn’t pleased everyone but by dipping into their overseas […]

Holden Equinox review – A Stellar SUV

Holden Equinox review New Zealand It’d been a while since I’d been behind the wheel of Holden’s new Equinox, so I  guess I could be excused, but I’d forgotten just how car-like this SUV was. Of course not from the outside, although its design is quite sleek, nor in many respects from the amount of […]

All things being equal – Holden Equinox Launch

Holden Equinox Launch New Zealand Twice a year, (March and September) the plane of the Earth’s equator passes through the centre of the Sun’s disk. The Equinox a derivative of the Latin word aequinoctium – Aequus/Nox (equal/night) and is said to be when both day and night are equal. New Plymouth had an Equinox pass […]

Equinox passes NZ – Holden Equinox that is.

Following on from a big day of NZ road testing Holden’s new Astra Sedan (will get to that another time), we were rewarded with a sneaky look at their new SUV, the Equinox. We managed to open doors and get a feel for its spaciousness but as decisions have yet to be made on spec, […]