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The Mazda SKI-ACTIV Experience

Mazda on Ice New Zealand I remember vividly the first time I actually put skis on and hit (quite literally) the snow. I was in my late teens and full of bravado, I headed to the top of the chairlift, strapped on two planks of wood and shot down the slope – straight into a […]

Mazda CX-5 Review – Red, White and Blue

Now I’m not going to open the NZ flag debate again, (there has been far too much spent in terms of time and money on that) but what I will say is that our current Union Jack/Southern Cross one is in good company – most certainly when it comes to the colours. There are 192 […]

Mazda CX-5 Review – having a fielday

In the far off distant land that I come from, the phase ‘having a field day’ conjures up images of smiling faces and glee filled times. With its etymology based around children leaving the humdrum of school work and venturing out on an educational field trip; it’s easy to understand why it evokes such happy […]

Simple pleasures – The new CX-5 Launch

Let’s face it, modern everyday life can be pretty busy. Between the necessity of work and the demands that come with family and friends, there seems to be so much pressure to do things. Time appears to be going by so fast (even speeding up) and very little of it is spent metaphorically speaking ‘silently […]