A Bright Spark – 2018 Holden Spark review

Holden Spark LT Review New Zealand

2018 Holden Spark review New Zealand Although I have often used the term sarcastically, a bright spark is generally used to describe a smart or witty person, someone of above average intelligence or even (at times) a genius, but when it appears in Holden’s vehicle line up, Spark is a bright and nifty little motor […]

Suzuki Swift Sport Review – The Suzuki SuperMini is now even Superer.

Suzuki Swift Sport Review New Zealand As anyone that’s played ‘Spot the Swift’ game on a road trip will attest, the Suzuki supermini is a very popular sight on New Zealand tarmac, with double-digit numbers coming in at an astonishing rate. Spotting the Sport model for extra points does take a keener eye though, especially […]