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Aston Martin- DB5 ‘Goldfinger’ production resumes after 55 years

Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation

Dubbed ‘the most famous car in the world’ and renowned as being among the most desirable and sought-after classic Aston Martin models, the DB5 has become a byword for timeless style and sports car desirability. Fewer than 900 saloon examples were built by the brand between 1963 and 1965, with by far the most famous […]

The most expensive Bespoke Bentley ever

Bentley Bacalar Fulton

As the first product in Bentley Mulliner’s new Coachbuilt portfolio, the new Bacalar affords its 12 customers even greater opportunity to express their personal tastes in the form of the ultimate open-air Grand Tourer. While work on the new car is paused until Bentley’s Crewe headquarters reopens, the process of developing the unique, bespoke specification […]

Built to XEeed – New Jaguar XE P300 Review

Jaguar XE Review NZ

Funny thing about review vehicles is personal perception. I personally prefer not to know too much about the vehicle I am testing prior to getting behind the wheel, I want to garner my own first impressions rather than being swayed by another. Most of the time this works well for me, however, with the new […]

Warning Signs – Jaguar XE 300 Sport review

Jaguar XE 300 Sport Review New Zealand

Jaguar XE 300 Sport review New Zealand In the animal kingdom, colouration is usually an honest indication of the species noxiousness or intent. Dull camouflage greens or pastel hues are a hint towards the submissive while brighter more intense colours are a clear sign to beware with yellow setting off a warning siren for all […]

The European and British vehicle Toy Shop

The Toy Shop

Neatly located at 3 George Street, an address that’s in an accessible side street on the perimeter of the quaint central Auckland suburb of Mt Eden lies a very special Toy Shop. It’s a place where the worry-free dream of having your European or British motor vehicle cared for and kept in pristine health comes […]

All-new Aston Martin Vantage unveiled

At the New Zealand unveiling of the new Aston Martin Vantage The Aston Martin Vantage has always been synonymous with performance. It’s a staunch British sports car that has the style and ‘voice’ to both drop jaws and turns heads – so the fervent attention from press and public at the NZ unveiling of the […]

Aston Martin Headquarters visit – They were expecting me

The ultimate Aston Martin Experience A short trip up the M40 from my hometown of Swindon, gets you (me) to Gaydon in Shakespeare county, Warwickshire. Gaydon is a sleepy enough little town, brick and tile homes and a couple of convenience stores but it is also home to the British Motor Museum and a couple […]

Pomp and Happenstance – A Rolls-Royce Experience

Rolls-Royce HQ

A Royal Rolls-Royce Experience UK As I am sure you smart people already know, Pomp is essentially a ceremony or display and Happenstance is a coincidence, on a recent visit to the UK both these words came together in spectacular fashion. Unfortunately, like many of us, I can safely say that riding in a Rolls-Royce […]