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Devilishly detailed – 2019 BMW X5 review

2019 BMW X5 review

2019 BMW X5 review ‘The devil is in the detail’ exclaimed Karol Abrasowicz-Madej BMW New Zealand’s new MD. A statement made even more fitting as we pawed over their new BMW X5 premium SUV, in yes, you guessed it, Tasmania. To the untrained eye and from a reasonable distance, the first impression of the new […]

Cooking at 350-degrees – Maserati Levante 350 review

Maserati Levante 350 review

Maserati Levante 350 review experience Australia 350 degrees is the sweet spot in cooking. It’s the level that’s associated with the Maillard Reaction, essentially the chemical process that gives a multitude of foods a complex flavour and texture profile and the attractive golden colour produced when sugar and protein are heated together. In cooking, 350 […]

Maserati Moments in time

Maserati tour down under – Australia There gets to a certain point in your life (hopefully) when your place in the universe begins to click. The relevance of things becomes clearer, your attitude is more defined and your ‘zen’ more apparent. It’s not necessarily an age thing (although there is a good argument for time […]

Transformer – Maserati in disguise

(Or is it?) Maserati Levante S review New Zealand It’s been nigh-on one year since the Maserati Levante SUV hit the streets and what an impact it has had on the brand, it’s been quite the transformation. A massive 35% of Maserati’s new sales last year were Levante and they predict this to be 55% […]

Unstoppable Force – An Outback experience with Mike Horn and Mercedes

An amazing Mercedes experience in Australia Mike Horn has circumnavigated the globe more times than a NASA satellite. He’s climbed to the top of numerous 8,000+ metre peaks (without oxygen), walked unassisted to both Poles and all the way around the North one, swam the Amazon, played with sharks and piranhas and even had a […]

The Aventador S by Lamborghini – Italian Masterpiece

It’s not that hard to define a masterpiece, albeit a painting, a literary piece, a culinary delight, a song, even a play or opera. In simplistic terms; a masterpiece is essentially a most outstanding piece of work that you become so engrossed with that you actually forget the artist that created it. It’s the Triumph […]

Ford Escape SUVeee

Naming your children is often fraught with danger, there can be so many people to appease along the way. Grandparents, Parents, In Laws, friends you even (at some point) should consider the child itself and the name they have to live with. Even our esteemed celebrities can get it wrong – Moxie Crimefighter, Princess Tiaamii, […]

Maserati Levante Launch – Bet the Farm

On the whole; when you think of farm vehicles images of rusted out tractors, harvesters or hay balers come to mind. These are workhorses that get up before the crack of dawn and work until the early hours – not exactly glamorous but definitely get the job done. When you think of farms themselves, they […]

New Maserati Quattroporte Review – Bigger mouth and more to shout about

Most people, when they think of Bathurst think of Mt Panorama, V8s and motorsport. However, this regional city that lies 200km North West of Sydney is way more than a racetrack, it is the oldest inland settlement in Australia and this ‘Gold Country’ was home to the first Aussie Gold Rush. Maserati took us to […]

Ford Mustang review and Experience – Time to Ride a Pony

Ford invited me to Newcastle in Australia to check out the new Ford Mustang. We would be getting behind the wheel of the entire range, fastbacks and convertibles, Manual and Autos, GT’s and 2.3’s – all the Pony’s in one stable – excellent. I have to admit that I went there not wanting to like […]