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Ford reveal next-generation Ranger – it’s a big step forward

2022 Ford Ranger

Under the strictest of embargos, we attended the virtual global reveal of the next-generation Ranger, it’s their most capable and most versatile Ranger yet. Redesigned from the ground up, It’s smarter than ever, carries more gear and even comes with a ‘box step’ for us little people.  Following extensive (and I mean extensive) consultation with […]

Ford (sort of) shows off Next Gen Ranger

NextGen Ranger

Camouflage stickers with mind-bending patterns, squiggles, and swirls; car makers go to great lengths to protect their top-secret prototypes from prying eyes. The aim of these patterns is to confuse the eye and prevent industry spies from being able to focus on the vehicle’s features. Ford’s latest camouflage, inspired by the block pattern on the […]