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Brian Dewil and Ola car

Holla for an Ola

If, like me, you thought rideshare app Ola was a recent NZ start-up built to follow on the coattails of Uber, think again. We got

Holden’s Heroes

I fear that for many brands and companies, choosing the ideal Celebrity (or Influencer for that matter) to fly their flag would be an absolute

Powering from Tesla to Trash

A glimpse into automotive future. In town for Kea’s World Class New Zealander Awards 2017 I managed to grab a moment of Wrightspeed Ian Wright’s

Highs & Lows, Ups & Hampton Downs

Tony Quinn interview New Zealand (AKA Tony Quinn’s life). ‘Most people can be successful, if it’s nothing more than bringing your children (or your family)

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Taking Note

A long term review of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 10+

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