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Easy rider – Toyota bZ4X first drive review

Toyota bz4x review NZ

Despite its obvious significance, the NZ launch of the all-electric Toyota bZ4X was less fanfare and more of an ‘ease into it’, which as it turns out, was exactly what the all-new BEV was all about – an exceptional driving experience that feels familiar and intuitive. “Modern Day launches are quite bizarre, compared to how […]

A la mode – Omoda C5 review

Omoda C5 review NZ

Last month I was invited to a sneak peek of the Omoda E5 EV, (more details on that another time). While there, I discovered that they also had their ICE-powered C5 available to test, so I immediately put my hand up. You can be forgiven for not knowing who or what Omoda is, so let […]