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MG Motor Centennial New Zealand National Rally

MG Rally NZ

One of the world’s first MG Motor centennial celebrations in 2024 got underway Sunday with thestart of the New Zealand National Rally, hosted by the MG Car Club Auckland. Organisers estimate in excess of 4,000 people visited The Cloud on the Auckland waterfront toview almost 100 MG vehicles which are participating in the rally. MG […]

BYD’s EXPLORER NO.1 embarks on historic maiden voyage

BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer in new energy vehicles (NEVs) and power batteries, today initiated a groundbreaking chapter in the maritime transportation of NEVs with the inaugural voyage of its first dedicated roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) carrier, EXPLORER NO.1. The vessel was officially delivered at Yantai Port in Shandong Province on January 10th before commencing its maiden […]