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Lexus NZ sets new record for new vehicle sales

New Zealand sales of premium Lexus cars and SUVs in 2023 passed its previous annual record and with new Lexus Dealerships, models and events are likely to set the marque up for another great year in 2024.Sales for the 12 months to the end of December reached 1,309 surpassing the 2022 annual record of 1,023. […]

Toyota NZ ends strong year focused on future growth

Toyota GR Corolla review NZ

Customer loyalty and an appreciation of quality-built cars delivered a record 36th consecutive year ofmarket leadership for Toyota New Zealand in 2023. Sales of new vehicles for the 12 months to the end of December 2023 were strong at 33,640, a 13%growth on the previous year. Toyota’s focus on offering a wide range of vehicles […]

VW Golf to celebrate 50 years in 2024 with 8th Generation

The Golf is the heart of the Volkswagen brand – and it stands for the term “bestseller” like hardly any other model. More than 37 million vehicles have been sold in eight generations. Volkswagen is celebrating the popular model to mark its 50th birthday next year. After all, the Golf has not only shaped mobility […]