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Why the Millbrook Resort is so 5ustainable

Millbrook resort with BMW i5

Globally, luxury and sporty car brand BMW is heavily involved in sustainability, from manufacture, through components, materials and of course emissions, it’s a brand that’s certainly on a mission. Which is why, when it came to the venue for its NZ launch of the all-new i5 M60, it chose Millbrook resort in Queenstown.  Located near […]

Radiant EV in the NZ – Lexus RZ 450e review

Lexus RZ review NZ

The all-new Lexus RZ is an all-electric model spawned from the RX nameplate. According to Lexus it stands for ‘Radiant Z-axis/Zero’ which signifies being both ‘shining’ and ‘the axis along which values of z are measured’. But as baffling as this may sound, all you need to know is that it’s Lexus’s first electric vehicle […]

Sustainable fuel headlines Goodwood Revival

Goodwood is proud to announce that the 2024 Revival will serve as a landmark moment in motorsport history, as the entire weekend of historic racing is set to take place exclusively using sustainable fuel. Already an event that champions second-hand sustainability, today’s announcement sees the Revival further extend its Revive & Thrive ethos with sustainable […]